Why isn’t anyone coming to my website?

I know this can be a frustrating topic for business-owners or even just anyone who created a new website. You invest money and/or time in it and you want people to see and use it! Of course. But sadly so do the millions of other people out there with websites that already exist.

internet2There is no “one solution” for everyone, but fortunately, there are tactics that can drive a lot more traffic and get your website on the radar. Of course there are advertising options (PPC Advertising, Mass-Email Marketing, etc.) but if you are looking for some ways that won’t tap into your pocket just yet… here are a few options:

  • Make sure your website is SEO-friendly
  • Include a blog or consistent updated content
  • Promote yourself, your website posts & new content on social media
  • Make sure your website looks professional and is easy to navigate

Some people reading this may not have a clue what that list means or if their website meets all of that criteria. And that’s ok! This is where professionals like myself can help you. Contact me for more information. I can help drive more traffic to your site and even train you on how to keep getting more hits on your own!